What Are Your Expectations of Online Learning?

“Taking an online class” can mean many things and vary greatly by course, program, and school. Students entering online programs often have a preconceived notion of what it will be like, which could be based on traditional courses taken years ago or assumptions about the requirements of distance learning. These impressions, when not accurate, can result in frustration and possibly withdrawal from the first course. Having a successful experience in that first course, and evensurviving the first week, can have a positive impact on your continued progress.

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Going “All In” with Online Learning

Are you ready? After you’ve done your research, compared the options available, and made the necessary financial arrangements, you stand at the virtual door of your first online course – time to go “all in.” I’ve heard this phrase used in multiple contexts over the past couple of weeks and although I’m not a poker player, I do think the concept applies well to many areas of life in which we have goals related to personal and professional achievement – family, work, and school.

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